HTRS members are the leaders of our organization. Committee service is voluntary, and committee members are appointed by the HTRS President and approved by the HTRS Board of Directors.

Administrative Committees

Executive Committee – Cindy Leissinger, MD – Chair

Grants and Development Committee – Cindy Leissinger, MD – Chair

Membership Committee – Guy Young, MD and Suman Sood, MD – Co-Chairs

Research Committee – Christine Kempton, MD and Neil Zakai, MD – Co-Chairs

Scientific Review Committee – Eric F. Grabowski, MD, ScD – Chair

Program Chairs

Marc Carrier, MD, FRCPC and Char Witmer, MD, MSCE – Co-Chairs, HTRS 2017 Planning Committee

Eric F. Grabowski, MD, ScD – Chair, Mentored Research Award Program

Bryce Kerlin, MD – Chair, Mid-Career Research Award Program

Craig Kessler, MD, MACP – Chair, Hematology Fellows Consortium Planning Committee

Barbara Konkle, MD – Chair, HTRS/ATHN DREAM Award Program

Ravi Sarode, MD and Arash Mahajerin, MD, MSCr – Co-Chairs, 2016 Trainee Workshop Committee

Guy Young, MD – Chair, HTRS/Novo Nordisk Clinical Fellowship Award Program

Peer Networks

Fellows Network

Shveta Gupta, MD – Chair

Leslie Skeith, MD – Chair, Elect

ConECCTOR (Junior Faculty Network)

Lisa Baumann Kreuziger, MD, MS and Allison Paroskie Wheeler, MD, MSCI – Co-Chairs