Mentored Research Awards (MRAs)

The goal of the HTRS Mentored Research Award (MRA) Program is to attract talented fellows and junior attending/junior faculty to the field of hemostasis and/or thrombosis.

NOTE: The deadline for the 2017 MRA Pre-proposals has passed.  Stay tuned in 2017 for the next MRA opportunity.

The extension has been granted for two reasons:

  1. A balance between hemostasis and thrombosis applications is preferable.  Although HTRS will accept any types of new applications up until the new deadline, we are especially encouraging additional hemostasis pre-proposals.
  2. A significantly earlier deadline this year may have decreased the number of applications we received since many potential applicants may have been expecting the usual September deadline.

2017 MRA Full Proposals (by invitation only) are due Wednesday, November 2, 2016 by 6:00 p.m. ET

2017 HTRS MRA Program Request for Proposals (RFP)

2017 HTRS MRA Program Application Form. 

2017 HTRS MRA Budget Template for Full Proposals

Note Regarding Using the Application Form: 

  • The Application Form is a fillable/writable PDF which is handled differently depending on which browser you are using. 
  • It is best to download/save the blank Application Form to your desktop/computer before completing and saving your entries because with certain browsers, it will not save unless you download it to your own computer first.  (In our experience, if using Mozilla Firefox, for example, you will need to click on the small down arrow at the top right of the form (the download arrow) in order to save it to your computer.)
  • The Form itself can be slow to open (be patient) and you may have to doubleclick in the blanks to begin keying.
  • Please contact HTRS at [email protected] if you have any questions.

2017 HTRS Mentored Research Award Recipients

Maissaa Janbain, MD

Jenny K. McDaniel, MD

Michelle Sholzberg, MDCM, MSc, FRCPC

Sol Schulman, MD, PhD

Angela C. Weyand, MD

2017 HTRS Mentored Research Awards

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Silver Level Supporter:


Bronze Level Supporters:



Other Supporters:


2016 HTRS Mentored Research Award Recipients

Glaivy M. Batsuli, MD

Joan D. Beckman, MD, PhD

Peter H. Cygan, MD

Lindsey A. George, MD

Riten Kumar, MD, MSc

Arash Mahajerin, MD, MSCr

2016 HTRS Mentored Research Awards

Supported by educational grants from:


CSL Behring

Novo Nordisk Inc.


2015 HTRS Mentored Research Award Recipients

Pavan K. Bendapudi, MD

Rachel S. Bercovitz, MD

Grace M. Lee, MD

Benjamin J. Samelson-Jones, MD

Anish V. Sharda, MBBS, MPH

2015 HTRS Mentored Research Awards

Supported by educational  grants from:
Novo Nordisk Inc.