HTRS Meetings & Events: Terms & Conditions

Stay Informed, Stay Safe, Accept Disclaimer to Participate



In light of the world's current COVID-19 environment and its impact on in-person meetings, HTRS cannot guarantee that participants will not become infected with the extremely contagious COVID-19 virus while attending an in-person meeting, workshop, activity, or other event.

HTRS activities are designed to increase engagement, collaboration, connectivity, and community in a safe education environment.

By participating in HTRS meetings and events, you agree and understand these risks and nonetheless accept them to utilize HTRS services and attend an in-person activity.  You agree to release and waive all claims and rights against HTRS speakers, sponsors, vendors, Board of Directors, staff, and other attendees in connection with potential exposure to illness and infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, while attending HTRS in-person events or interacting firsthand with HTRS members.

For your own safety and understanding, please read our full HTRS Meetings/Events Terms & Conditions.

This brief 2-page document outlines the need to show proof of vaccination, follow CDC guidelines to protect yourself and others against the virus by wearing a mask and social distancing, and our code of conduct, among other details.

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