ITI School in Hemophilia 2020 - Educational Event


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Lund University Commissioned Education | Centre for Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Friday, January 17 - Saturday, January 18 2020

Malmö, Sweden

Highlighting the latest knowledge and current challenges of ITI treatment along with different therapeautic options

in an era of new potential approaches to ensure the best care of patients who develop inhibitors



HTRS was commissioned by Octapharma to recruit and select up to four U.S. hematologists in 2020 to be provided with travel, lodging, and registration to attend ITI School in Hemophilia from January 17-18, 2020, in Malmö, Sweden. This educational course and the U.S. attendees' expenses are supported by Octapharma, and the course is offered in collaboration with the Malmö Centre for Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Lund University, and Skåne University Hospital.

Applications were sought from U.S. hematologists working in non-commercial institutions within seven years of fellowship who are members of the ConECCTOR (junior faculty) network of HTRS, who could demonstrate a commitment to hemostasis, and who also could show a need for further training in the best approaches and care of hemophilia patients who develop inhibitors.  Participants had to be affiliated with a hemophilia treatment center and have previous ITI experience. The course is based on outlined lectures and interactive case reviews in accordance with case methodology. Specifically, attendees gained new knowledge in these areas:

  • Immunology in inhibitor development and ITI
  • Therapeutic ITI options to eradicate an inhibitor and induce tolerance
  • New and emerging treatment options for patients with inhibitors
  • Laboratory methods and pitfalls of measuring inhibitors during ITI
  • How to manage and prevent bleedings before and during ITI
  • Practical issues in association with ITI and how to manage co-morbidities
  • Specific issues to consider in the management of inhibitors in patients with non-severe hemophilia A and severe hemophilia B
  • Similarities and differences in pathophysiology and clinical management between acquired and congenital hemophilia

Priority was given to applicants who are current HTRS Core members.  To become an HTRS Core member, visit the Membership tab of this website.


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2020 ITI Workshop Recipients

Clay Cohen, MD

Courtney Lawrence, MD, MS

Lynn Malec, MD, MS

Gary Woods, MD