Emory University School of Medicine, Hemophilia of Georgia Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders, Atlanta, GA

Fellowship Position

The fellowship is an intensive one-year program for physicians who have completed a hematology or hematology/oncology fellowship and wish to have advanced training in the management of patients with hemostatic and thrombotic disorders. The goal of the training is to prepare fellows for a career that will include care of patients with congenital bleeding disorders. Fellows, as an Instructor, will have clinical responsibilities (inpatient and outpatient), dedicated research time, and mentorship to allow for professional development. Fellows will complete eight weeks as the attending physician on the hematology consultation service at Emory University Hospitals. Fellows will be paired with faculty mentors to provide guidance and directed learning. When not on the consultation service, fellows will have 1-1.5 days of clinic per week including the multidisciplinary comprehensive bleeding disorders clinic. The aim and expectation of the fellowship is for the fellow to acquire and manage patients with a variety of hemostatic and thrombotic disorders. Fellows will also design and complete a research project in their chosen area, and will participate in education of our Hematology/Oncology fellows and other trainees.  

Fellowship Information