The Mass General Hospital for Children and the Massachusetts General Hospital

Hemostasis and Thrombosis Mentored Research Fellowship

Interviews are possible at 2019 ASH meetingThe Hemostasis and Thrombosis Mentored Research Fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is designed to provide an additional one to two years of training in the laboratory study of coagulation disorders for an MD, either prior to or following completion of a fellowship in either pediatric hematology/oncology or medical hematology/oncology, or a PhD with interest in medical research.

The objectives of the fellowship are to provide salary support, laboratory facilities, and mentoring in an area of hemostasis or thrombosis. The fellowship is mentored by Dr. Eric Grabowski, Director of the Cardiovascular Thrombosis Laboratory, and a pediatric hematologist/oncologist, and Dr. Larissa Bornikova, MD, a medical hematologist/oncologist.  Dr. Grabowski is also the Medical Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center, while Dr. Bornikova is Associate Medical Director. The fellowship is supported by outstanding faculty in clinical laboratory coagulation, and medical hematology and coagulation. The MGH is a teaching hospital of the Harvard Medical School. Laboratory facilities for this opportunity are located on the main MGH campus. 

The fellowship will include an appointment in either the Department of Pediatrics or the Department of Medicine, depending on the applicant’s background. Present laboratory projects include improved diagnostic accuracy in Von Willebrand Disease through microfluidics and real-time image processing of images of platelets adhering to and aggregating upon a surrogate vessel wall in flowing blood and acquired using epifluorescence digital video-microscopy, a study of the role of the VWF propeptide in platelet adhesion/aggregation, evaluation of bleeding in women and girls with menorrhagia, localization of factor VIII and factor VIIa to platelet membranes in real-time in flowing blood, animal and cell culture models of enterohemorrhagic hemolytic uremic syndrome, and others.

If interested, please send your CV and a personal statement to Dr. Eric Grabowski at [email protected]Interviews are possible at the 2019 ASH meeting.