University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

An NIH R01-funded postdoctoral fellowship position is available in “clinically directed basic research” in the field of blood clotting disorders.  

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Characterization of mutants from current panel of coagulation factor knockouts.
2. Design, construction, generation, and characterization of new targeted knockouts using CRISPR.
3. Design and implementation of ENU mutagenesis and small molecule screens on existing and new mutant and transgenic zebrafish lines.

1. PhD, MD or equivalent with research experience preferably in hemostasis/thrombosis, molecular biology, genetics, developmental biology, biochemistry, chemistry or related health field.
2. Working knowledge of the principles of molecular biology preferred.
3. Prior zebrafish experience is beneficial but not required.

Please send a CV/resume and any additional information to Jordan Shavit ([email protected]). For more information see //www.shavitlab.org/

Fellowship Position Announcement

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