Renewing Your HTRS Membership

(Corporate/Industry memberships are unable to be renewed online at this time. Please contact HTRS at [email protected] or 414-937-6569 to renew.)

Thank You for Your Renewal
First, we want to let you know that we value each of our HTRS members and want to make it as easy as possible for you to renew! We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you, the members of our Society, for your continued commitment to HTRS.

Check and Complete your Profile During Your Renewal Process
When you renew, please check that your individual profile information has been transferred correctly to our new membership database. In addition, we would appreciate it if you would complete a few new membership information fields that have been added to the member profile page, so that we have complete information on file.

Email Membership Renewal Reminders
Email membership renewal reminders will be sent to you beginning 30 days in advance of your membership renewal date. These reminders will contain a link to your online HTRS profile and membership renewal invoice. Renewing promptly will eliminate multiple email reminders!

Log In to Renew Your Membership
You may also log in to your HTRS profile to renew your membership anytime beginning 30 days before your renewal date.

Not Sure When Your Membership Renewal is Due?
Our new membership system allows you to log in to your profile at any time at the top right of the HTRS home page (Click on Member Login) to check your membership renewal date, update your information, or change your password.

Forgot Your Password?
Just click on Member Login at the top right of the home page, click Forgot password, and you will be asked for an email where we will send you a temporary password so you can log in and re-set your own personal password.

Any questions are welcome at [email protected] or 414-937-6569.