CHAT Consortium Phase II Studies Kick Off in 2020!

The Children’s Hospital-Acquired Thrombosis (CHAT) Consortium created the first large-scale, multi-institutional Registry including pertinent medical data from children with confirmed HA-VTE and non-VTE subjects. Data from this Registry has defined risk factors for HA-VTE in pediatric patients and created risk assessment models (RAMs) that will now be validated in order to develop a stratified scoring system.

Several HTRS members – Drs. Brian Branchford, Julie Jaffray, and Arash Mahajerin, under the mentorship of Drs. Neil Goldenberg, Diane Nugent, Vince Faustino, Guy Young, and Neil Zakai --  in collaboration with USC/CHLA Biostatistics and Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Predictive Analytics, have completed  Phase I data analysis for the multivariate risk assessment models.

in July 2019, CHAT became a consortium and many sites are in the process of joining the consortium or are in study startup.  The CHAT Consortium now has three studies:

1. CHAT Registry: New HA-VTE cases continue to be added

2. CHAT 1901: Prospective validation of the risk assessment model in PICUs (17 sites participating)

3. CHAT 1902 (sister study to CHAT 1901): Testing biomarkers to determine their ability to predict HA-VTE (4 sites participating)

The CHAT studies have been supported by multiple HTRS Mentored Research Awards, among others. The CHAT Newsletters, designed to keep participating or interested institutions up-to-date, are provided below:

Fall 2019

Fall 2018
Fall 2017
Fall 2016
Summer 2016 (overview of CHAT)

Brian, Julie, and Arash would be very happy for interested parties to contact them by email with any comments or questions:

Brian Branchford, MD:  [email protected]
Julie Jaffray, MD:  [email protected]
Arash Mahajerin, MD, MSCr:  [email protected]