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Fellowship and Training Opportunities

Post-Doctoral Position in Decision Science and Classical Hematology - Yale University

9/21/2022 - A full-time postdoctoral position is available at the interface of decision analytic modeling and clinical classical hematology within the Section of Hematology, Department of Internal Medicine, at the Yale University School of Medicine. The candidate will be mentored by Dr. George Goshua. Position Details: Successful candidates will have the opportunity to design, analyze and publish first author original science at the intersection of decision analytic modeling, health economics, and classical hematology. They will additionally have an opportunity to collaborate on ongoing projects with academicians at other institutions through an established, Yale-led multi-institutional collaborative, research hub. Candidates will have an opportunity to receive research training in decision analytic model building, cost-effectiveness, and cost-utility analyses. Prior research experience with claims data and/or systematic literature review and meta-analysis is highly valued as these outputs can help inform decision model inputs.


Postdoctoral Associate - Yale Cardiovascular Research Center

9/6/2022 - Position focus: My laboratory studies the cell biology of vesicular trafficking specifically that of endothelial Weibel Palade bodies. We are currently elaborating exocytic machinery of WPBs and vWF release. We are seeking a motivated postdoctoral candidate preferably with expertise in techniques in molecular biology, biochemistry, imaging, and experience in cell/tissue culture. Prior training in techniques in hemostasis and thrombosis will be a plus! The candidate should be familiar with basic statistical analysis and reporting and should also be able to assist with other aspects of the research program such as helping the PI with clinical/basic research-related forms, ordering/cataloguing of reagents, and general laboratory management. It is expected that the candidate should have strong communication skills (both written and oral).


Post-Doctoral Scientist: Thrombosis/Blood Clotting DIsorders (Kerlin Research Laboratory) - Nationwide Children's Hospital

8/23/2022 - A postdoctoral position is available in the Kerlin Research Laboratory within the Center for Clinical and Translational Research of the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This project will focus on discovering biomarkers and molecular mechanisms underlying the development of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in children. Individuals with experience in or willingness to learn coagulation and vascular biology, coagulation signaling, biomarker discovery, proteomics, metabolomics, systems biology, and expertise in molecular and cellular biology and who are interested in working with an interdisciplinary group to drive discovery are encouraged to apply.