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 Building a Mentorship Team


"If you think about the people you admire in leadership positions and academic medicine, almost all of them would agree that they didn’t get there without a lot of support, help, and mentoring from others, so building a mentorship team is really a critical component to a successful career."


 About the Mentor Match Program

Find a Mentor. Be a Mentor.

The possibilities for connection and engagement between mentors and mentees are endless, and each mentor/mentee relationship will look a bit different. Options include:

  • Limited Mentorship
    One-off interactions, often via email, for informational purposes.
  • Ongoing Mentorship
    Collaboration between mentors and mentees on a regular basis, often once a month. Mentors and mentees work together to set goals and milestones, monitor progress, and explore a wide range of career development topics (e.g. how to achieve a junior faculty position at an academic institution or how to establish a post-fellowship research career.)
  • Mentoring Events
    Networking, “speed-mentoring," and other opportunities to engage with potential mentors/mentees at HTRS events and other conferences.



  Questions about the Mentor Match Program?

  Contact Jennifer Ziegler, Director of Award Programs and Career Development, [email protected].