HTRS Mentor Match Program

To forward our mentorship mission, we have formed a new partnership between the HTRS Fellows and ConECCTOR (junior faculty) Networks: the Mentor Match Program. You now have an excellent opportunity to mentor and/or be mentored at an important time in your career development. Thanks to 30-plus HTRS members who already have answered the call, we are up and running.

For a list of potential MENTORS, MENTEES, and their specialties, please email [email protected]. If you would like to take part but have not yet let us know, please send an email with your name, institution, preferred email address, preferred mentorship (see below), along with your area of specialty, and we'll add you to the list!


Three types of mentorship opportunities:

On the lists of mentors and mentees (see links above), please review and identify someone with your similar mentorship availability/needs/specialty:

  • LIMITED INTERACTION: email contact with ConECCTOR members for brief questions

  • ONGOING MENTORSHIP: Specific details TBD by mentor/mentee (1 hour/month suggested, setting goals/milestones throughout the year)

  • ONE-TIME INTERACTION: "Speed-mentoring event" at a future conference (in-person/virtual)

When you reach out, please take into account the kind of mentorship you’re both seeking.  Once you have established a mutually agreed-upon partnership/mentorship, email [email protected] to let us know to make it official!


Still want to take part but didn’t sign up yet? Please add your info to the following GOOGLE FORMS and when you do, email [email protected]:

What’s more, you have an opportunity to virtually “meet” with your mentor/mentee, once mentorship is established, at our upcoming Fellows Network Webinar and ConECCTOR Meeting event on March 30, 2021.  Once you've locked in with a mentor/mentee and made it official, please email [email protected] to let us know.  At that point, you may reserve a virtual table and get started!

For expert advice on "How to Build a Mentorship Team" by Leslie J. Raffini, MD, MSCE, CLICK HERE