Oluwatoyosi A. Onwuemene, MD, MS

Oluwatoyosi A. Onwuemene, MD, MS

Oluwatoyosi A. Onwuemene, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Medicine - Hematology
Duke University


Clinical and research interests in hemostasis/thrombosis and therapeutic apheresis



HTRS Awards and Service


2017 HTRS Mentored Research Award Recipient
​​​​​​Mentors:  Thomas Ortel, MD, and Gowthami Arepally, MD – Duke University 
Project Title: “Defining the role of therapeutic plasma exchange in heparin induced thrombocytopenia”  

2024 HTRS Student Research Award Committee
Vice Chair


3 Fun Facts About Me


I host three podcasts on multiple platforms.


  “Clinician Researcher” Since August 1, 2023 (127 episodes)

WHY LISTEN: In Toyosi’s words, “All clinicians can succeed in research, yet clinicians often lack the tools and mentoring needed for research success.  Despite a decade or more of training, clinicians spend little time acquiring research skills.  Yet, research skills are needed to turn clinical observations into research breakthroughs.  This need drives the Clinician Researcher podcast.  It exists to help clinicians succeed as research leaders.  Here, clinicians acquire the skills and mindset tools to turn frontline clinical observations into research that is impactful and actionable.  For every clinician who imagines more for themselves and their patients, welcome to the podcast that helps you lead the research program of your dreams.”  

“When Going Above and Beyond May Not Be the Right Thing” 
“How to Plan for Your Research Success” 
“Nailing the R01 Proposal Submission” 


“Heme Consults: For Women of Color in Hematology" Since December 31, 2022 (66 episodes) 

WHY LISTEN: In Toyosi’s words, “Women of Color: Heme Consults is your personal space to rest, recharge, and renew your spirit with a weekly infusion of inspiration. Every Sunday, I will remind you that you are a superstar and have everything you need to succeed in your incredible career as a hematologist. Welcome to the hematology sisterhood that will transform your world.”   

“Start with Purpose” 
“It’s Time to Leave Your Comfort Zone” 
“Finding Community in Academia” 


In addition to these podcast endeavors featuring clinical research and inspiration for women of color in hematology, Toyosi’s most recent offering started as a meditation practice for her family and is now available as a new podcast – she and her guests read scripture set to music – to share with her friends and church family. 

“365 Days of Meditations in Scripture” | Since December 29, 2023 (83 episodes) 

WHY LISTEN: In Toyosi’s words, "Daily meditation on the Scriptures engraves its wisdom within our hearts. Over time, these reflections align our actions in harmony with eternal principles. Consequently, our lives are transformed, and we enjoy prosperity and true success."

“In the Beginning” 
“My Rock”    



I co-own a publishing company, which has published 27 titles, including my own children's book, "My Hair is Beauty”.


Synopsis: A little girl discovers a secret: her hair can talk! Readers befriend a smart and sassy head of hair called Beauty. Beauty gives every girl a reason to appreciate and celebrate herself.

On the jacket cover: “Toyosi Onwuemene is a dynamic teacher and motivational speaker. A traveling dynamo who has been educated on four continents, she enjoys sharing insights with anyone who will listen. She can often be found teaching on topics as diverse as blood component removal to questions of faith, hope, and love. Her mission is to help each person she meets become the best version of themselves. Toyosi writes in the hope that one day, she will have shared a thought with every person living.” 



I once provided in-flight medical care to an airline passenger and was so dissatisfied with my experience (the passenger did well) that I wrote a journal article about it. 

  On an international flight this March, I was one of two medical responders to an in-flight emergency.  The quality of the medical equipment and/or its useability was concerning to me; I thought it was important to do something about it.  In response, I wrote an opinion piece, which I just submitted.  My goal is to get the airlines to better support medical volunteers who find themselves in the same situation.  


2 Reasons I Chose This Career


I chose a career in hemostasis and thrombosis because it was relevant to patients with sickle cell disease, a population I wanted to work with during my fellowship but didn't have access to. 


I stayed with a career in hemostasis and thrombosis because I enjoy it and it offers great opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborations.



1 Thing I Learned
 1I learned that no one is more responsible for my life and career satisfaction than me. If I am unhappy in my career, it is up to me to take steps to fix it; and if I am happy, it is up to me to continue to make the type of investments that bring me joy. 



Interview with ASH Ambassador Oluwatoyosi Onwuemene, MD (February 2019) 

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