Student Research Award Recipients Present Projects in Chicago

HTRS Student Research Award (SRA) recipients Dylan Bertovich, Siobhan L. Branfield, and Samual A.P. Short, MD presented their research projects to mentors, colleagues, and HTRS Board of Directors members on April 5, 2024, in Chicago during the 2024 THSNA Summit.

As part of their SRA opportunity to present to professionals at a national meeting, these recipients summarized their project’s aims, findings, and conclusions and then engaged in Q&A with attendees to further discuss their research and receive expert feedback.


SRA Recipients
(L-R) Samuel A.P. Short, MD; Siobhan Branfield; SRA Committee Chair Sol Schulman, MD, PhD; and Dylan Bertovich


The Value of the SRA Experience

Each recipient expressed that the SRA experience had an extremely positive impact on their career development, providing valuable insights into their research questions and key decisions to progress into a classical hematology career.

According to Bertovich, the SRA experience sharpened his scientific writing skills in the application process, continued with a benchside project in a collaborative lab, and concluded with multiple opportunities to present at conferences and weekly lab meetings – further developing his ability to speak to patients and colleagues, addressing questions with improved clinical and basic science insight.



Dylan Bertovich

Dylan Bertovich
2022 SRA Recipient
Geisinger Commonwealth
School of Medicine

“The SRA program has been a highlight of my medical education experience as I was able to enter a supportive lab that pushed me to do my best in all aspects of my education. I have made connections that will last a lifetime within my lab and the hemostasis/thrombosis community, and I know that in the future I can continue to lean on these pillars of support.”

Presenting at a National Conference: A Unique Opportunity

As a PhD candidate whose research focus is platelets, Branfield says she learned more about coagulation cascade research via her mentor’s lab, gaining a deeper understanding of (1) the current dynamics of hematology as a specialty in a clinical setting and (2) gaps in knowledge to potentially investigate in the lab.


“With the SRA, the exposure you gain into aspects of the field that you may lack, either research or clinical, is invaluable. This opportunity also allows you to build your network, practice both proposal and report/paper write-ups, and have the unique opportunity to present your work at a national conference.”

Siobhan Branfield

Siobhan Branfield
2023 SRA Recipient
Oakland University 
School of Medicine


Choosing a Career in Hemostasis and Thrombosis

Short concludes that this experience was key for him in deciding to pursue a career in hemostasis and thrombosis and join this community of welcoming colleagues.


Samuel A.P. Short, MD

Samuel A.P. Short, MD
2022 SRA Recipient

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
2023 Graduate - University of Vermont
Larner School. of Medicine

“Beyond the structured mentorship for the research project, the SRA travel support for meetings coupled with the fantastic HTRS-sponsored events allowed me to have meaningful networking with leaders across the field. The scientific topics celebrated by HTRS drew me to this area, and the warm and welcoming community of HTRS and its members convinced me to stay for my career.”

SRA Project Details

Dylan Bertovich – 2022 Recipient
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Project: “Characterization of the Binding Interaction Between Factor XII and Integrin αIIbβ3.”
Mentor: Pavan K. Bendapudi, MD | Harvard Medical School

Siobhan L. Branfield – 2023 Recipient
Oakland University
Project: “Characterizing platelet dysfunction in Nephrotic Syndrome with the potential development of a platelet specific biomarker to detect the early onset of Thromboembolism in Nephrotic Syndrome.”

Mentor: Bryce Kerlin, MD | Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Samuel A.P. Short, MD – 2022 Recipient
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
2023 Graduate - University of Vermont Larner School of Medicine
Project:  "Improving Stroke Risk Prediction in Atrial Fibrillation: Refinement of CHA2DS2-VASc Score with Novel Biomarkers of Stroke Risk."

Mentor: Mary Cushman, MD, MSc | University of Vermont


About the HTRS Student Research Award (SRA)

The Student Research Award provides funding for eight- to 10-week research projects that explore topics in hemostasis and/or thrombosis guided by an experienced mentor.

Medical students (MDs or DOs), graduate students (PhDs or MD/PhDs), or pharmacy students (PharmDs) are all eligible to apply.

SRA Committee

Sol Schulman, MD
Sol Schulman, MD, PhD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/
Harvard Medical School

Toyosi Onwuemene, MD
Toyosi Onwuemene, MD
Vice Chair
Duke University School of Medicine


For more information, visit the HTRS Student Research Award (SRA) page.