Lorilyn Jacobsen Tews

Executive Director

Once upon a time in 2006, over a late-night pizza, Dr. Joan Gill asked Lori to consider a part-time job working with a group of “very fun and friendly hematologists.” More than 15 years later, Lori continues to enjoy both friendship and fun as Executive Director of HTRS. Lori was once a Layton Art Scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she earned degrees in fine art and English literature. Her 30-plus years in the nonprofit sector include a decade at the Milwaukee Public Museum, writing grants, designing exhibits, and attempting to stay sunburn and snake-bite free at dig sites in Montana and collecting expeditions in Costa Rica.

When she’s not at HTRS, Lori loves to hunt for antiques, devour books, and hang out with her family, friends, and her rescue pup, Wilson. She dreams of visiting Hobbiton in New Zealand, and wishes she could have spent a day with Abraham Lincoln. She continues to be inspired by the talent and dedication of the fun and friendly physicians, investigators, and allied health professionals who make HTRS such a wonderful organization.