HTRS 2024 Annual Business Meeting

The HTRS 2024 Annual Business Meeting was held on June 10, 2024.

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President Jordan A. Shavit, MD, PhD introduced the HTRS 2024-2025 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Jordan A. Shavit, MD, PhD; President
  • Allison P. Wheeler, MD: Vice President/President Elect
  • Lynn Malec, MD, MS; Treasurer
  • Ming Y. Lim, MB BCHIR, MSCr; Education Officer
  • Bryce Kerlin, MD; Research & Awards Officer
  • Shannon L. Meeks, MD, MBA; Immediate Past President

HTRS Executive Committee 2024


    • Lauren Amos, MD
    • Shruti Chaturvedi, MBBS, MSCi
    • Adam C. Cuker, MD, MS
    • Robert Flaumenhaft, MD, PhD
    • Anandi Krishnan, PhD
    • Riten Kumar, MD, MSc
    • Joshua Muia, PhD
    • Benjamin Samelson Jones, MD, PhD
    • Alisa Wolberg, PhD

    HTRS Directors


      Dr. Shavit also thanked the outgoing HTRS Board Members for their service.

      • Shannon Carpenter, MD, MS; Immediate Past President
      • March Cushman, MD, MSC: Director
      • Alan Mast, PhD; Director
      • Deborah Siegal, MD, MSc, FRCPC; Director, Canadian Representative
      • Ayesha Zia, MD, MSCs; Director

      Outgoing Board Members 2024